Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Start Marketing Today

Most writers have been writing for years in one form or another. Before I wrote novels and short stories, I wrote about fifteen screenplays. Before the screenplays, I wrote jokes and comedy sketches. I prefer writing the novels and short stories because of the big advantage of all the tools of self-publishing. 

Of course, if you have checked out some of the quality of the writing, you will see that just because people can type doesn't mean they should call themselves writers or authors. The marketplace sorts those people out though. It has been written elsewhere that 95% of self-published books don't sell more than a hundred copies. Less than a hundred!

There are only two reasons for that. The writing is boring or they do not know how to market their non-fiction book, or novel. Those are the only two reasons. For the purposes of this article we will assume you are not boring. So how do you market?

Let us start out with the definition of the word "marketing."

Merriam-Webster defines marketing as 'the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.'

Marketing is an 'action.' It is something you do. Promote your product (book). That means communicate about it. What should you communicate? You can communicate anything as long as you aren't boring. In other words, the same rule I have for writing a book (Don't Be Boring) applies to your marketingdon't be boring. 

One of the best and newest ways to promote is to do a book trailer video or videos of any kind. You could do a video of how you came up with the idea for your book. Anything. The videos don't have to be long. A video of a couple minutes is fine. Just don't be boring. 

Get yourself on smashwords.com. Make an author bio page and set your book up as a pre-order today. Even if you haven't written the first word yet. Then start to tell people about your book as you write it. Take them on the journey. Get them involved through social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Google, blogging, etc. 

Promotion is getting your writings well-known to people. The best way to do that is by being funny or interesting or both. Do something that will rivet their attention. You could do it by being just plain weird. Anything that gets people's attention will do. 

Here is a book by Mark Coker that has a lot of information and it is free: SMASHWORDS BOOK MARKETING GUIDE

Download it today and get started. The only thing I would add to all the suggestions in that book is BE CREATIVE in carrying out Mark Coker's suggestions and, of course, DON'T BE BORING.

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