Friday, June 12, 2015

Cheer Your Success!

Today I have hit a milestone. Merriam-Webster defines milestone as "an important point in the progress of development of something: a very important event or advance."

And today I hit a milestone. My novel, 'The Sacrifist,' hit the Amazon Bestseller list in the U.S. for Horror. Here are two screenshots to commemorate the event and just so I never forget it.The first one is where I entered the Top 100 at #66. And the second one shows where I rose to #25.

Checkout who sits above me and to the right of me on the second screenshot. The man himself. Stephen King. Awesome. I feel honored to be on a list with one of my idols. 

Here's my advice for this blog post: Cheer your successes. Never forget to cheer them. Writing can be a lonely struggle, so you have to cheer the successes when they come.

Now I think I will go out and celebrate. Until next time, have fun writing and don't be boring.