Friday, December 7, 2012

Random Quotes from C Vallo

"In arguing, what people lack in intellect they usually make up for in name-calling." ~ C Vallo

"If you think about it long enough you will find that there are only two conditions in life, 'Fear' and 'No Fear.' Choose and practice the latter and you will feel better." ~ C Vallo

"Some of the most meaningful things in life last only a moment." ~ C Vallo 

"People's zest for life and proximity to death can be assessed on how they respond to motion." ~ C Vallo

"Opinions are so abundant that the power to just observe what is before one's own eyes is a lost skill." ~ C Vallo

"Marriage is not something you do until something better comes along." ~ C Vallo 

"Seek to extrovert. Remember this: There is nothing good in the mind. Nothing good in introversion. The mind is the problem." ~ C Vallo

"A society will never change for the better through politics. Politics don't solve the problems of greed or lack of compassion. The only way to advance a culture is to raise the awareness level of each individual in it and improve their ability to think and solve their own problems." ~ C Vallo 

"What are birthdays? I've had millions." ~ C Vallo

"We are all born geniuses. As adults, we just need to be reminded once in a while." ~ C Vallo

"The boy who points out that the Emperor has no clothes is often stoned to death." ~ C Vallo

"Don't take life too seriously. Don't take what people say too seriously. The less serious you are, the more your life will be light and airy. The more serious you are, the more your life will be heavy and solid." ~ C Vallo

"Sometimes when a person is insane there is nothing wrong at all. Sometimes it's just a viewpoint, way ahead of its time." ~ C Vallo

"Those who can't be constructive, become critics." ~ C Vallo

‎"Racism is stupid. Man is a spiritual being. The body is simply his coat. Something he wears. It is something he owns. It's not the person. Spiritual beings are non-physical. They have no physical traits or qualities like color, weight or wavelength. Being a racist is like saying, 'I hate you because of your coat.'" ~ C Vallo

"Humans can't be trusted not to be human." ~ C Vallo

"If you are not afraid, courage is unnecessary." ~ C Vallo

"If you hold to your own opinions and have the audacity to state them, sooner or later you will have very few friends. However, they will be good ones." ~ C Vallo

"My solution to war would be to set up some very large speakers on the battlefield and play Beatles' music all day. Then give it about a week." ~ C Vallo 

"This world is so messed up. It is a barbarism. Politics and religion are not the answer, although they are pushed as answers. The answer is to advance our thought processes to an elevated state of mind of true sanity. True sanity doesn't hate. It loves. True sanity doesn't destroy. It helps. True sanity doesn't react. It proceeds. True sanity doesn't regret, blame, shame, feel guilt, or seek revenge. It is serene and acts appropriately. True sanity is not a state of mind. It is a state of no mind." ~ C Vallo 

"Insanity is the easiest thing to agree with and to become part of because it is within all of us." ~ C Vallo 

"They say marriage is an institution. I agree. It's for crazy people." ~ C Vallo

"To me, heaven and hell are not places, they are states of being. They are created by people and I have experienced both. My advice is to seek the heaven-makers." ~ C Vallo

"The only thing assured besides death and taxes is that other people will never see you as you see yourself." ~ C Vallo

"I love dogs but I don't own one. I draw the line at picking up someone else's shit." ~ C Vallo

"To say that it is necessary to shoot, bomb, and make war on others to obtain peace is the most ridiculous thing that anyone ever thought up. Typical of governments. It's proof that people can be talked into anything. You want peace? Stop shooting." ~ C Vallo

"If you have never been driven insane by a woman then you have never been truly in love." ~ C Vallo

"The only thing worse than ignorance is knowing everything already." ~ C Vallo

"Two heads are better than one. Except when the two heads belong to a Republican and a Democrat." ~ C Vallo

"No matter what a politician says out loud what he actually means is, 'These aren't the droids you're looking for.'" ~ C Vallo

"You want peace on Earth? Allow only mothers to participate in politics." ~ C Vallo

"Sometimes you just wish you were a wizard with a fucking wand." ~ C Vallo

"It is sad and unfortunate but Man doesn't need a reason to go to war." ~ C Vallo

"Love is the only addiction that heals the soul." ~ C Vallo

"Worrying is the biggest waste of time in the history of mankind." ~ C Vallo

"Love and communication are the answer. All the rest is window dressing." ~ C Vallo

"Dreams are the way you create your future." ~ C Vallo

"Evil men never planned upon the internet and the free exchange of information." ~ C Vallo

"Memo to the U.S. Government: When you get in bed with foreign dictators don’t be surprised when you get dict." ~ C Vallo

"A man with no fear is truly free." ~ C Vallo

"See the good. Don't grant the bad any attention at all. Instead, let it pass away into nothingness. It's the good that is most akin to the Human Spirit and forwards Life." ~ C Vallo

"Lone nut theories are usually espoused by conspiracies." ~ C Vallo

"You can only grow old when you are alone." ~ C Vallo

"The universe is becoming. It is constantly being created. Life is always growing. There will always be more. There is, and always will be, an abundance. Be creative. Come get some." ~ C Vallo

"When everyone is insane but you, guess who is pointed at as being insane?" ~ C Vallo‎

"Instead of fighting wars that hurt people why don't they fight wars that help people." ~ C Vallo

‎"Government sucks. It's an inherent trait." ~ C Vallo

"It is folly to try to make sense of the insane acts of a madman for by definition the insane make no sense." ~ C Vallo

"Man is constantly trying to enslave his fellow man. You will never change things through the political process. I'm not talking revolution here. What is needed is an evolution to a higher state of being for Man. The only way you will ever get Man willing to help others and to maintain peace, freedom and liberty is to hasten his evolution to a higher state of being. Politics are not the answer. The answer is in the science of the humanities and finding a way to evolve Man to a higher state of being." ~ C Vallo

"Much as I dislike Republicans it's difficult for me to listen to someone who is so biased in favor of Democrats or vice versa. As if either Republicans or Democrats had the answers. Both have done nothing but push this country further and further into the mud." ~ C Vallo

"One thing you can safely predict about the future is that it will never look the way the scientists say it will look." ~ C Vallo

"Art speaks to everyone but some people don't listen." ~ C Vallo

"War crimes? I hate to point out the obvious but war is a crime." ~ C Vallo

"Best advice: Don't hang out with stupid people who get you to do stupid things. If someone wants you to do something, and the first thought you have is that it's stupid, you're probably right, it is stupid. Don't be stupid." ~ C Vallo

"The best and worst sex ends with laughter." ~ C Vallo

Methinks that lovers of freedom and liberty have forgotten that the Constitution allows for its own destruction because it allows for the election of Socialists, Communists, and others not so liberty-minded. This destruction occurs when you get to the point where the majority of people believe their government should do things for them. The process is called Transocialism and you are witnessing it.” ~ C Vallo

"Democrats or Republicans that think the problem with America is the other party. They both wish that there was just a one party system in America -- theirs. There is already a country like that. It's called China." ~ C Vallo

"Sex puts people in a good mood. This tells us that negative people just aren't getting laid." ~ C Vallo

“Sooner or later greed gets to everyone. The people who build a better mousetrap may start out altruistically but more often than not greed gets to them too. Then they want to rule.” ~ C Vallo

"One of the problems with society is that, for the most part, only the sociopaths want to rule." ~ C Vallo

"Clicking 'Like' is not doing something." ~ C Vallo

The Short Story of the Human Race 

by C Vallo

The boy had a puzzled look on his face. “Father, if most men are good, why do they kill each other in wars?”

The man sighed looking down at his innocent young son, who stared up at him expectantly, sure that his father had all the answers in the world.

“They kill each other because they each think the other is evil.”

The boy looked down and furrowed his brow, pondering this a moment. He looked back up, his head tilted to one side and confusion in his eyes.

“Why do they think that?”

“Someone has convinced them that it is so.”

“Oh. Is that the evil person?”